Am ai an artist? | AI Art – An Introduction

While openai chatgipity dall-e 3 and Adobe AI features roll out with all this hype, I started using a free open source Desktop AI Generator (from last year) called aiNodes. It can be found on Githubity here, It’s interesting to say the least. We seem to be in the Atari era of AI. A lot of the images that this produces are rather abstract with warped faces and such. But we like abstract….

AI art intro

Am I an AI artist?

Well in traditional arts, many artists are attempting to prevent AI models from being trained on their work. “Mine, all mine, I own, gimme gimme what’s mine” comes to my mind. Big tech is already scooping up all of our most private and personal data, profiting a lot from it and not sharing or compensating any of us for our own data they collect. It seems they already won. What will be different with AI? Many of the articles I find about law suits against AI for copyright law, AI seems to be winning every time. I could be wrong but I also saw a YouTube video of someone with a masters degree in copyright law and couldn’t quite get their mind over it. People are even selling prompts?

A little AI artwork

Well here goes nothing… If the movie directors Jim Jarmusch and David Lynch won’t collaborate and make a movie together already. Perhaps they might be interested in participating in AI producing one. Potentially a few extremely minimal steps in that direction using this aiNodes and Upscayl open source tools. I could prompt all day long, experimenting with different inputs and outputs so there is a lot of images from these sessions but here is just a few to share below. Send me a word if you’d like to see more and please let me know if I’m stepping on any toes around the copyright issues and I will gladly remove.

Average Prompt Variation Sample:

“A scene in a new remake of the 1985 Weird Science classic movie recreated by the directors Jim Jarmusch and David Lynch”

Jim Jarmusch and David Lynch
1st in series, fairly curated
2nd, interesting….
weird science
weird science
movie idea
faces not always morphed

More AI image tools

This aiNodes may not be the best option though it could be lesser known or have unique qualities. Here are some new and different options in the space of text-to-image AI generators.

If spent some more time
or depending on what AI tools are used,
a little more time and potentially have a movie produced.
Let me know what you think in the comments.

– deulmaS | Samuel D
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