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For an AI voice from read this article…

An attempt at keeping up… Not one human being can keep up with AI, it’s true. The cat’s out of the bag. There is no more off button or cancel, rewind, reset or revert option. One thought that crossed my mind, imagining a large team filling a five story office building, all highly trained in their field, attempting to undo or correct something. Nothing can compare to how AI can be over 10 times that capability. Working 24/7… trying.

If that example is too much, perhaps a more useful, fun or practical instance… Not one human being can keep up with this exponential growth of new AI development. I’m not claiming myself an expert or to have extensive knowledge or research on the AI topic, but I do have some background in tech and web since the late 1990s. Not ever have I seen the internet widen it’s web so profoundly in the past year or so amidst all of this AI hype. Mind blown and eyes officially bugged out of the face.

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So I bring myself to this conclusion and here are some attempts at providing some resources of links to what I am seeing going on. Everyday or every minute there are so many new AI tools that it’s difficult or even possible to keep up with it all. The following are some AI tools I have been using, finding, and or finding helpful. Beginning with some of the main-stream AI; some other resources in finding these tools; and some tools (i like); and then maybe some tips on prompting. “Some”; but perhaps it will become nearly infinite.


mainstream AI –

openai OpenAI, ChatGPT:

Claude AI Anthropic, Claude 2:

perplexityai Perplexity AI:

stability ai Stability AI:

huggingface Hugging Face AI:
…and I almost forgot;
Google Bard/Gemini:
(watch out for those TPUs)

other resources –

These AI news youtubers…



and both of their websites… can be a great resource in itself. It might be a go-to because of it’s accessibility where you can use it without the need to signup or login. My first impression with using it as an alternative to using keywords for search engines turned hours into minutes for answers and research.

Bing Chat is a similar AI in the way that it can search the internet and could have mentioned it in the mainstream AI — links but it uses OpenAI GPT-4 which was mentioned. One resource that also let’s you use AI without the need to signup or login is This site is not an internet search AI but does have a lot of different tools free to use directly in your browser. It’s possible to create a more extensive list of accessible tools that don’t require a signup or login I may include later in this article.

some tools –

Not to mention all the new Firefox AI browser extensions, and so many companies and services have already rolled out AI features like and and and have useful built-in AI tools. Here are some tools starting with AI coding assistants and AI tools for coders…

→ Coding tools —

– Code Llama (Links):
(a how to install video)

Meet Cody or Meet Cody?

or Cody:

Are we getting lost yet?

These are just a few AI tools for coding but the list really does keep going and going and going and going…

PolyCoder, Kite, DeepCode, CodeAI, CodeMentorX, CodeStream, CodeLobster, CodeClimate, CodeFactor, CodeScene, CodeGuru, CodeNarc, CodeRush, CodeSmith

and going and going and going and going… but moving on.

→ Tools to check out —
(Tools I’m currently using)

More So…

Less So

For a more curated list of links to AI tools, see this next article;
Curated links – AI tools

To be continued…
Just going to give an ai a few prompts to help finish this article.

– Samuel D. | @duelmas

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